FIT Operations

Our course in FIT Operations will provide a method to assess risk of both internal and external factors.

Benefits of FIT

Our FIT Operations method is a powerful diagnostic and solutions development tool that helps rapidly improve cash flow and maximize EBITDA in struggling businesses. When a plant is in survival mode, everything is at stake.

Apply FIT to Your Operations

This concept provides your business with a qualitative and quantitative methodology to empower your decisions and gain the highest level of control over your business. Applying these methods and tools provides a clear path to sustainable operations and a roadmap to world class performance.

Science-Backed Application

For FIT Operations, we apply 10 science-backed “intrinsic orders” — predictable patterns that occur in business and in life. They are the markers we use to assess the current state of any complex-interdependent system in manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, logistics, retail, and more.

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