SMED/Quick Changeover

Single-Minute Digit Exchange of Dies (SMED) is a lean production method for reducing waste in a manufacturing process.

How SMED Works

The ideal goal of SMED is to minimize time from good part A changeover to good part B repeatedly occurring in under 10 minutes. As it is applied to more than die changeouts, it is also known as Quick Changeover. Changeover Time is a measurement of the time lapsed between when the last good piece of product A comes off and the first good piece of product B starts.

Value of SMED/Quick Changeover

The benefits of SMED/Quick Changeover below deliver accountability in process and customer satisfaction and support a continuous improvement culture.

  • Improved Throughput Velocity (speed of production)
  • Improved Safety (improves operational practices and lowers opportunities for risky events to occur)
  • Proper staff training with right equipment
  • Cross-functional Teamwork
  • KPI-driven goals and objectives

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