Deploying OpEx

We deploy OpEx in four steps. First, we quickly jump in to perform an audit of the existing business operation situation.

Next, we create an Accountability Room, which serves as a communications hub for all leadership and staff members to identify problems and solutions, and to own them. Managers and workers begin daily meetings there, for about 30 minutes. We also bring additional staff such as HR, marketing and sales to join the conversation and gather updates. Capacity plans, throughput goals, safety goals, standards and actual performance data are posted for everyone to monitor and review. At times, that data reflected is hour-by-hour operations updates.

In addition, we create pace boards – in a very visual spot – for the company’s kitting operation, to help solve problems in that process. Other team boards were created to provide visual evidence of conformity and process improvement tracking.

OpEx Success

Altogether, the OpEx process begins working almost immediately to eliminate chaos and restore order in the operation. Unlike traditional consultants who don’t stick around to support your team, CCO dives right in to join your staff on the plant floor. Businesses often see results in less than 60 days, and we won’t leave until operations are fully returned to balance and profitability.

Success Stories

throughput in three weeks for a highly engineered solutions company
annual EBITDA impact for a high-end car dealership
recovery for a plastics plant in Mexico